Derek Hazlett

Instructor / Coach

Rank: 2nd Dan

Age: 43

Age started karate: 27

Reason Started Karate: Myles Sensei suggested I start with Karate when I asked him to help me become the UFC Champion.

Most Special Karate Memory: Representing Scotland at the 2013 JKS World Championships in Tokyo.

Karate Ambition: To assist as many people as I can to achieve Black belt and Beyond.

Lesser Known Fact about myself: I Played the Bagpipes in Season 2 of Outlander ( I had long hair at the time!)


Myles Travers

Instructor / Coach

Rank: 3rd Dan

Age: 40

Age started Karate: 7

Reason Started Karate: My Dad had done karate and taught me at home, as well as introducing me to Bruce Lee films at an early age.

Most Special Karate Memory(s):
- Passing my 1st Dan Grading at Crystal Palace under Sensei Enoeda.
- Representing Scotland at the JKS World Championships in Tokyo 2013.
- Visiting a Kyokushin Karate Club in Japan as a guest and having "Spicy" sparring
session with the instructor.

Karate Ambition: To Continue to do Karate for as long as possible.

Lesser Known Fact about myself: I love Haribo!


Callum Cairns

Instructor / Coach

Rank: 2nd Dan

Age: 25

Age Started Karate: 9

Reason Started Karate: A friend at school started Karate and told me how much fun it was. I decided to try it for myself and I loved it.

Most Special Karate Memory: Getting asked to join the JKS National Squad, for the second time, after a Seven year break and a lot of hardwork.

Karate Ambition: To share my Karate Journey with others and help them to Achieve their Goals.

Lesser Known Fact about myself: When I was competing as a junior, I had to fight Calum Cairns from Ireland. The video is on youtube. I won.


Tara Singh

Instructor / Coach

Rank: 1st Dan

Age: 35

Age Started Karate: 12

Reason started Karate: For Self Defence. I also grew up loving Martial Art programs like the Power Rangers, Martial Law, 3 Ninja Kids, the Karate Kid, Kickboxer and many, many more.

Most Special Karate Memory(s): Representing Scotland at the 2011 JKS World Championships in Edinburgh. Being welcomed back with open arms after having had a long break from Karate, its like a big family.

Karate Ambition: To keep attending classes and courses/seminars, progress up the Dan Grades and to one day Train in Japan.

Lesser Known fact about myself: I was an Oompa Loompa in a London Stage Production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I was 5 yrs old. My mum still has the costume! I also did the Highland Fling Bungee Jump.